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"We must show our love for God not by our words but by our actions!" - John Paul II


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God does not do for you what you have the power to do for yourself.

Please understand that not all of these links may be worthy of belief and that it is important to trust in the Pope as teacher and not necessarily items in these links.

There is a certain method of practicing the presence of God, by which, if the soul chooses, she may remain always in prayer, and constantly enkindled and inflamed with the love of God. This consists in realizing, in the midst of our occupations, that we are doing the will of God in each, and in rejoicing and being glad that it is so. -St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

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Catholic Bible Study


Catholic Bible Study


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City of God -  

The Mystical City of God; is the collected revelations made by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda (a 17th Century nun). This book has been acclaimed by Popes, cardinals, theologians, as well as the clergy and the laity for over 300 years. The Mystical City of God has been published in sixty editions in various languages.
    The translator, Father George J. Blatter, a Chicago priest, first read the book in German and was so impressed that he learned the Spanish language in order to make a proper translation into English. His first edition appeared in 1912, ten years after he started his work.
Holy House Replica - Washington NJ

The Holy House, U.S.A., located at the Blue Army Shrine, has a chapel within it that is a replica of the original Holy House of Nazareth where Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived. It has the same dimensions (13 X 36 feet).
The Holy House Chapel has a reliquary with special relics and treasures. Also included are a statue of Our Lady of Loreto and a wood carving of St. Joseph as he appeared at Fatima on October 13, 1917. Sister Lucia's vision of the Holy Trinity ("the Last vision of Fatima" at Tuy Spain) is depicted in statuary in the Holy House U.S.A. Chapel


Seven reasons to be a Catholic


Catholics Miracles to look up on the Internet (like )


Catholic Bible versus the Protestant Bible





          Raised from the dead


          Apparitions of Mary

          Shrines USA Europe


The Angels


Why the seven sacraments


Catholicism and Faith Formation


Excerpts from the Catholicism series which ran on PBS

The Players

Priest, Prophet and King


The Epic


Faith Formation

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Intro 2




Excerpt from Lesson 4

Excerpt from Lesson 5

Excerpt from Lesson 6 CATHOLICISM Series - Episode 6: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church

Excerpt from Lesson 8

Excerpt from Lesson 9

Catholicism Project



 Lenten Reflections from Father Barron


Lenten Reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 1 Part 1

Lenten Reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 1 Part 2

Lenten Reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 2

Lenten Reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 3 part 1

Lenten reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 3 Part 2

Lenten reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 4 Part 1

Lenten reflections from CATHOLICISM, Week 5


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First, it is well to remark two things: the first is that love ought to be put more in deeds than in words.

The second, love consists in interchange between the two parties


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